Happy you, happy skin

Did you know that have a positive outlook on life can have a positive effect on your skin? This is great news. But equally, feeling stressed can have a negative impact on the condition of your skin …not so great!

Feel the difference

Some clever research shows that people who smile look much younger than those who don’t.  And here’s another reason to smile - when we feel happy, hormones called endorphins are released by our brains which give us an increased feeling of wellbeing. So when you feel super inside, it really is written all over your face.

Further studies show that with positive emotions there is an increase in the way in which our skin repairs and renews itself. Which means that when you are thinking positively and helping to control stress, you’re also helping to keep your skin look healthier too. Plus, the added bonus is you’ll find you sleep better too. Yes, that’s why they call it beauty sleep!

A few things you can try, but how do you make yourself feel positive and happy, and in turn improve the look of your skin?

Start by identifying the people who make you feel positive and those who have the opposite effect. Spend more time with people who make you feel good.

Try confiding in a friend you trust and get them to help you by pointing out patterns in your stress triggers and offering advice. If you surround yourself with encouraging people, you’ll instantly feel more positive. This is great for your wellbeing and for your skin.

If you’re feeling tense, there’s an easy exercise you can do to train your body to switch off the stress response by teaching your muscles the difference between tension and relaxation.  First, find somewhere quiet away from prying eyes! Then take five deep breaths to stimulate the brain to recognise the signal of tension in your body. With each in breath tense a muscle, at the top of the breath when you can't get any more air into your lungs, release it slowly and say to yourself ...re...la...x or another word you learn to associate with feeling calm, slowly tense and release your main muscles  - these are your upper legs, back and shoulders. Notice the difference between the tense and relaxed muscles , and release any tension you feel as you continue your deep breathing. 

You could try this technique every day, or just when you’re feeling particular stress in your muscles. Remember not to take any more than 5 deep breaths in one go as you will start to feel light headed. Start with small changes, these are more likely to stick. Small changes like this in your life can be really effective and positively improve your outlook on life, and the look of your skin. Over time you will learn to pair that feeling of relaxation with your word and with practice you will no longer need to do the tensing, saying the word silently itself will bring on the relaxation.

When your skin is happy and glowing you feel healthier and happier too