Warm up

Workouts for your complexion as well as body

Warm up

A warm up should feature Dynamic Stretching which means getting the heart-rate up and mobilising the muscles and joints through movements that mimic the exercises ahead. It's as much about mental preparation as it is physical. Each stretch should be repeated 8 - 10 times.

Help avoid blocked pores and keep blemishes at bay while you exercise by cleaning off your make-up beforehand. Keep a packet of wipes in your gym bag - what could be simpler?

Exercise 1: Marching Read more

With a neutral spine, begin marching on the spot. As you raise one knee bring the opposite arm, which is bent at 90 degrees, forward and pump the other one backwards. Keep the shoulders down and relaxed, elbows in and think about getting the most out of each movement.

Exercise 2: Pec Stretch Read more

Stand with elbows up and pointing outwards at shoulder height, fingers tightly together and palms facing down. Keeping this alignment, pull your elbows backwards as if drawing your shoulder blades together and then outstretch your arms in front of you, separating your shoulder blades as far as possible, with only your thumbs touching.

Exercise 3: Skipping Read more

Easy and highly effective. Begin jumping, landing softly on the balls of your feet and circle your forearms as if holding a rope.

Exercise 4: Skiing Read more

Jump one leg forward and the other backwards swinging the opposite arms in the same direction as opposite legs. Keep the knees soft.
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