4 steps to healthy, happy skin

It’s a fact! Having a good daily skincare routine can dramatically improve the look and feel of our skin. Just a few steps every day will take tired, dull, unhealthy skin to bright, fresh and happy in no time.

Plus, research shows that making the right skincare choices now can have an impact on the health and appearance of your skin in the long term. So a little effort every day means healthy, happy skin now, and in years to come. Did you know that making the right skincare and lifestyle choices could make you look on average ten years younger than those who don’t?  It’s true!  We’re not talking extreme changes - It’s about identifying the small things you can change, to get the most out of your skincare.

At Simple we believe that all skin can be sensitive from time to time. Did you know that blemishes, irritation and even dryness can all be signs of sensitive skin? The good news is following the right regular skincare routine can decrease the sensitivity of your skin, and also help prevent skin issues like blemishes, dryness and irritation in the future. You might think if you have sensitive skin that you should use less products, but that isn’t necessarily true. It’s all about finding the right products and routine to care for your skin without irritating it.

The Simple® Sense skincare routine helps you find the right routine and the right products for you. The routine is tailored to you and your skin needs, with skincare and lifestyle advice. After all, we’re all different – different daily routines, lifestyles, likes and dislikes, dreams and goals, and our skin is unique too.

Our Simple Skin Expert will take you through the skincare steps she thinks are vital to a great routine and how to do them well. This will help you really get the most from your routine and from the products you use.
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