Our Top Tips for Sensitive Skin

So now you know what can cause sensitive skin, but how can you decrease the sensitivity and improve the look and feel of your skin? With 50 years of knowledge and expertise here are our top tips to help you with your sensitive skin.
There are many things in day to day life with can trigger sensitivity. Combat them head on to decrease the risk of sensitivity to your skin
Choose the right products
Avoid choosing products with harsh, chemicals and irritants in them. These  can be triggers for sensitive skin and using gentler products can be a big benefit.
Stress Less!
Stress can impact your skin and the way it functions. You can improve the look and feel of your skin and help avoid symptoms of sensitivity by keeping your stress down. Go to Chris’ page, our psychology expert and member of the Simple Advisory Board, to learn more about stress and skin and what you can do to manage stress.
Quit smoking
Smoking doesn’t just affect your health, it can affect your skin too! We know it’s hard to quit smoking cold turkey, but actually you might be spurred on to follow it through when you see the results in the improved look and feel of your skin and improved health too. Better health and better skin!
Find the right foods for you
Often a trigger of sensitive skin is the food we eat. If you find you're having flare ups regularly try keeping a food and drink diary. This is the best way to get a detailed look at what you're eating and it could help you work out what might be triggering your attacks.
Sun exposure
We know from research that increased exposure to the sun’s UV rays can increase the level of sensitivity in skin. When you’re out and about use a SPF moisturiser to protect your skin from UV exposure, and keep your skin moisturised too. 
Change your routine
There are lots of things which can trigger sensitivity but which are tricky to avoid, like air conditioning and swimming. The best tip here is to adjust your routine. In these instances air conditioning and the chlorine in the water can dry out skin and decrease the function of your skin barrier, so you may want to think about products which give you more moisture. Try a thicker moisturiser and a moisturising cleanser for example.