Reduce the sensitivity of your skin barrier and keep it in great condition

Get a good skincare routine in place
Did you know that following the right regular skin care routine can help minimise the sensitivity of your skin by improving and preserving your skin’s natural barrier?  The Deep Cleanse and Protect steps are particularly important in keeping your skin barrier in tip top condition. 
Be Gentle
If you’re prone to sensitivity and irritation, it’s even more important to treat your skin with care. Throughout your routine treat the areas where you feel particular sensitivity with even more gentleness, as being tough on your skin can trigger sensitivity and make it worse. When drying your skin, gently pat your skin dry instead of wiping it. The texture of the towel together with the force of wiping your skin can cause unnecessary irritation. 
Deep Sleep
A lack of sleep means that your skin isn’t repairing itself to the best of its ability. This means it’s more prone to damage from external factors, and your skin barrier isn’t functioning. Make sure you’re getting a decent night’s sleep to help you feel more refreshed but also help your skin function properly.
Adjust your routine to the seasons
If it’s -3 degrees and snowing outside or you’re lucky enough to be somewhere sunny and hot, change your routine to accommodate the change in weather. The weather can affect our skin, and the way our skin barrier functions, so a change in your routine can help to compensate what your skin is missing out on. For colder weather try thicker moisturisers to keep that moisture in, and of course for hot and sunnier climates make sure you’re topping up your SPF.
Patch test
We know we need to avoid harsh products to keep sensitivity at bay, and to keep our skin barrier functioning. It’s not always easy to know exactly what products can cause us irritation. When introducing a new product into your routine do a patch test on your skin before you start using it. If you notice any irritation or difference to your skin it’s probably best not to use it.
Keep Skin fresh and clean!
Our skin barrier function struggles when skin isn’t cleansed properly. So when you get home make sure you’re taking your make-up off before you cleanse your face. Often traces of make-up can remain on skin when you think you’ve removed it, and this can affect the function of the skin barrier and how skin repairs itself. 
We know that hydrating your body means better health, healthier organs and skin! So to keep skin in great condition, get drinking! Water is the best thing to drink, but you can get your hydration from fruit juice, even herbal teas. If you’re feeling thirsty it’s a sign that you are not drinking enough, so try keeping some water beside you to drink throughout the day.